VP16 TouchScreen Power Programmer

VP16 TouchScreen Power Programmer
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Product Description

- 3.5" Touch-screen display.

- Simple Plug & Play Installation.

- Power, Eco, or Mix Mode.

- Customizable Display.

- Quick Attach Magnetic Mount.

- Over 4,000 Vehicle Maps Available.

Dyno anytime, anywhere.

- Power Tune Mode safely adjusts your vehicle's fuel delivery & timing to produce an extra 10-30HP, depending on displacement and aspiration.

- Create and compare unlimited Dyno charts.

- Volo Core Firmware consistently and accurately measures HP and Torque in real time.

- Upload and share dyno results with your PC.

- Test your 0-60 and 1/4 Mile times.

Save $$$.

- ECO Tune Mode increases efficiency up to 18%

- Instant and average MPG display.

- Fuel consumption measured down to the ounce.

- Trip cost display.

- Chart efficiency over time.

- ECO Indicator helps you save fuel.

- Accurate odometer and speedometer can compensate for changes in tire size.

Decisions, decisions.

- Unlimited tuning.

- Unlimited vehicle changes.

- 4 default gauge layouts with 12 customizable parameters.

- Diagnostic tools let you view and clear engine trouble codes.

- Satisfaction Guaranteed.

- Lifetime Warranty.

- Free Firmware Updates.

V-LINK 16 Software.

- Change Vehicle.

- View and compare multiple Dynos.

- Keep your VP16 up to date.

Create custom PWM Maps for HHO or NOS.