OBD-2 Add-On

OBD-2 Plug Add-On
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Product Description

-This is an OBD-2 plug to directly plug the Volo Chip into your OBD-2 port. It attaches onto the end of the wires on the Volo Chip.
-This will come pre-installed exactly like in the photo if you add this option to your order.

This add-on is compatible with:
-Volo B2 - 20MHz Blank
-VP12 Performance Chip
-FS2-HHO Edition
-FS3 Fuel Saver

-Installation requires putting the Green and White wires into correct pins on OBD-2 plug. Green and White wire location will depend on vehicle protocol. See our Vehicle Specific Wiring Diagrams for help.

-Can not be ordered without chip

-This item is non-refundable